The Production


In order to ensure the highest quality for your oil, Frantoio La Corte provides the latest advances in the field of crushing olives.

A system of the latest generation of Alfa Laval continuous cycle in three phases, allow you to get the most from your olives.

The washing stage is accurate and thorough, the crushing discs ensures a lower overheating of the material while preserving the quality of taste, fragrance and flavor.

The malaxers are designed to keep under control the temperature of the product being processed, and are able to optimize the permanence of the latter in the machinery and the resulting temperature.

The decanter (exclusive patent Alfa Laval ARA – water conservation) optimizes not only the quantitative yield, but also the level of polyphenols contained in the oil, for the total benefit of a quality health product.

Strict hygiene of the plant and premises that house the entire production cycle guarantees to obtain the best possible result.


Frantoio La Corte can offer to customers, upon request conservation service under inert gas, capable of giving a longer life to the quality of the oil.

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