The History

Tradition and quality go hand in hand at Frantoio La Corte. The oil culture and passion for this product have throughout time provided Science the experience and the will to achieve, in the area of the separation of liquids, which were once unthinkable in terms of quality and yield.

The advanced technology of which the Frantoio La Corte   uses, in fact, preserve the centuries-old culture of the pressing of the olives with the utmost respect and all the passion that centuries of tradition have helped to establish.

The ancient milling stone mills have been replaced by crushing discs, which improves and speeds up the process while maintaining the wonderful green color of the oil, as well as the polyphenol counts and oleic acid levels to perfection. The controlled atmosphere in which operations are carried out and usage of extreme hygiene renders a true olive oil worthy of what the olive desires. Olea verto ut oleum. The oil obtained as a result of this process "traditionally modern" is the best tribute that man can make to a product so rich, noble and healthy such as extra virgin olive oil. This, in essence, is our history and our mission: to share with you the passion for the oil and its centuries-old tradition.


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